Welcome Wives of Wonder


I proclaim peace over your hearts, your minds, and the homes where you reside.

I am so glad you found my digital café! I have been a tea lover since my youth. The aromas, the overall benefits, and the social setting it creates. With dainty cups, pretty dresses, and lovely music, tea creates a space for healing, clarity, and growth.

I created this site to encourage and empower wives who desire to build stronger marriages and stronger homes. I will share some of my trials, tests, and testimonies that I believe can educate and prepare others for a lifelong marriage. This is for the woman and wife who have dealt with divorce and the shame, frustration, and stigmas that come with it.

 I will share my experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on life through the lens of my Christian walk and faith.

It is interesting to me, as a Woman of the Christian faith how many times I was told by fellow believers my feelings were wrong or even invalid. The lies hurt and were even paralyzing at first ( that's what happens when we believe the lies of the enemy) but as my walk with Christ matured, so did my understanding. 

People are individuals, and their lives can define and blind them just as much as they can enlighten and enhance them. I bring the light of my Heavenly Father to others and help them discover a place of freedom and holistic well-being.

I know I have a responsibility to show the love of Christ to all people.  I must ensure I am rooted, focused, and tuned in to the things of the Holy Spirit and that  I remain vigilant to the guidance and leading. He will meet us where we are; we only have to be open to his presence and voice.

I look forward to hearing from you through the blog or email.

Thank you

Oriana C.  

My Background is in Human and Social Services. I am a licensed Officiant in the State of Nevada. I am a Certified Symbis Facilitator and I have experience life with great choices I have made and not-so-great ones.

I write to support wives who desire to be a blessing to their husbands. For the remarried wife who struggled to keep her first marriage and is now in a new marriage, struggling to abandon the lies of the past and the negative influences around her. I write for the new wife in a blended family and the wife just beginning the journey of marriage with her husband. I write for women. I write for wives, I write for mothers. I write for the longevity of a Holistically Healthy Marriage. I write for the Future of Families, so we can overcome the hurts, dramas, and traumas that come along the way, hindering us from our most favorable life, the role of an empowered wife!  

This space is meant to provide the following:
1. Teach ladies to build self-confidence as a woman and live the role of wife that excels beyond the worldview.
2. Create an encouragement-rich site through support, information, and resources to help a wife grow to the next healthy place in her life and her marriage.

Enjoy, and please connect and join the community.

“Allow yourself grace not excuses.”